We Secure and Protect your PC, your identity, your money and your dearest family photos...


We give you:

  • Award winning Security Software!Antivirus, Firewall, Antispam, Antispyware, Parental Control and much more...
  • A lifetime Online Backup account!
  • Unlimited PC and Internet Security Support!
- and much more...
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Our Products

To cover needs from our millions of users we offer different subscriptions:

  • PremiumThe FREE baseline protection
  • Premium PlusThe more extensive
  • PlatinumThe most comprehensive
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Our Software

MySecurityCentre is independant!

And therefore we can always guarantee to secure our millions of users with only the best software from the best vendors in the world!

We are Award Winning:
  • Online Backup
  • AntiVirus
  • Internet Security
  • AntiSpam
  • Firewall
  • AntiSpyware
  • Parental Control
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Our Services

Our goal is to become the leader in PC and Internet security services!

We deliver a much wider range of services than anybody else:

  • FREE unlimited support
  • VIP Support
  • Phone Support
  • Remote PC Repair
  • PC theft and damage insurance
  • Chat forums
  • Free scanning and repair tools
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Strategy
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